Go-go Creeps
Go-go Creeps! The fun, creepy, crazy on-the-go action figure!
Take Go-Go Creeps with you wherever you go: work, school, hiking, vacation, the beach, wherever you go! Take photos of your Go-Go Creep and post to our Facebook page (Go-Go Creeps), Twitter (@gogo_creeps) or our Instagram page (gogo_creeps) and share the fun you are having with your Go-Go Creep. Collect them all and have a Go-go creeps party. Most of all, just have fun! (Go-go Creeps stand from 4 inches to 4.5 inches tall depending on design)
Custom Go-go creeps can be made with a fairly short turn around depending in production schedules. They are $25.00. For more information on custom Go-go Creeps email us at sputnik13@comcast.net.