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Our culture often times uses the term “collectible” to describe toys. However, toys see production runs from the hundreds to typically the tens of thousands of individual units. A question comes to mind, how can some of these toys be considered “collectible?” My love for vinyl toys and sculpting led me in a direction where I could meld the two and produce a truly collectible toy. I have a Fine Arts Sculpting background, which played a big part in leading me down the same path that limited edition printmakers are on. Normally, they make one or two prints, sometimes more, but the artist can limit the run to a small number and always hand makes them. Making each print for instance an individual work of art and unique to itself. A bit different from the one previous, and the one following. A lot of materials exist out there and after much experimentation I finally found one that allows me to make small runs of cool, unique and truly collectible vinyl-like toys; each one is an individual work of art and is always handmade by me here in the U.S.A. The process begins with hand sculpting the pattern, then I make a mold, cast the toys and paint each one by hand. All from the basement studio of my home in Colorado. Each figure being slightly different makes for that truly collectible toy. Many books, movies and TV programs inspired my creations and I hope that my toys capture imaginations of all ages.

Paul Schiola
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