Welcome to Sputnik’s graveyard of OOP toys. These are toys which have been pop[ular over the years, but due to one reason or another we saw fit to discontinue them. Even though you can no longer purchase Paul Blaisdell’s Beulah from IT CONQUERED THE WORLD, Marty the 3-eyed mutant from THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED, and THE SHE CREATURE, and other critters like the Alien Bachelor Party crew from THE SHIP OF MONSTERS, we thought you would still love to see what you missed.

Alien Bachelor Party!

A trio of space amigos that escaped from a Venusian space ship and terrorized Mexico in the early 1960s! For a liited time they were also partying down in the USA! Now out of production, here is a glimpse of the party hardy trio!

These toys have had their mold retired and are in limited supply! Once they are gone, they will not be revived. Check them out here. Please note that Carasus the bug-monster is OUT OF PRODUCTION.

[The Trio photo used with permission of Edouard Jean Le Duc.]

Check out the monster mayhem with this clip from La Nave De Los Monstruos aka SHIP OF MONSTER (1960)

Martian prince Tagual; bagged and tagged awaiting to be shipped.

The 3-Eyed Goomer

Being a huge fan of the movie ANGRY RED PLANET (1958) and already many years ago getting a shot at sculpting a large model kit of the Rat-Bat-Spider-Crab from this movie, I had always wanted to make something else from that movie. Rewatching it one day it dawned on me that no one has really given much time to the almost unseen narrator from Mars who I nicknamed the 3-Eyed Goomer. Upon doing research on the critter I discovered that first off one of the little people who played a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz was tasked to wear the costume. And secondly, only the top half of the costume was ever made. I spent some time imagining what his lower portion would look like and came to the hula skirt concept that I used on my Goomer.

Marty The Mutant – Day the World Ended

This amazing super deformed version of the wonderful Paul Blaisdell monster Marty the Mutant from the 1958 movie THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED sculpted by the talented Jamie D MacFarlane. Marty stands approximately 7 inches tall, and comes with a display base with human skull. He comes in a four color printed box with a introduction by Bob Burns. 


Here is a fantastic super deformed She Creature sculpted by the amazing Jamie D. Macfarlane. This prepainted polystone statue stands over 7 inches tall and captures all scary and fun charm of Paul Blaisdell’s original monster. It comes in a four-color printed box with an introduction written by Bob Burns. Base included. 

Beulah – It Conquered the World

Sputnik Supplies announces the newest addition to its pre-painted statue line: “Beulah” from the 1956 movie, It Conquered The World! This beautifully-sculpted statue is a must-have for all B science fiction and horror movie fans. Beulah comes as a fully painted polystone statue standing over 9 1/2″ tall and comes with 4 different arms for multiple ways to display her. Once you decide, you can cement the arms is place and add your own Beulah to your pre-painted monster collection. Also included are 2 Flying Mind Control units, a detailed base designed to look like the floor of Bronson Canyon, and a nameplate.

 After sculpting and releasing the Beulah statue from It Conquered the World. I realized another neglected screen critter was the Flying Mind Control Unit. Wanting one myself I sculpted and made one to find out there are other folks that waned them as well. A small run of 30 where made fully licensed. Only 2 black and white versions where made and 2 glow in the dark where made form that run.

The Flying Mind Control Unit from IT CONQUERED THE WORLD