This wonderful shoestring sci-fi movie from 1965 has attracted attention since its release. Some call it a “sleeper” or “drive-in classic” which–for all intents and purposes–it is, but I call it pure gold. For many of us, our first introduction to this classic merely consisted of still photos of Mull the Martian monster and the very messed up Colonel Saunders that appeared in the magazine “Famous Monsters of Filmland”. As a kid I was unable to see the movie due to various reasons, but I was fascinated with the main character and Mull’s haunted, outer-worldly visage. The movie stars Robert Reilly as the unfortunate Colonel Saunders. Saunders is turned into a cyborg/robot by Dr. Adam Stelle played by James Karen. During Sander’s first space flight his ship is zapped by the Martians then crash-lands back on Earth in Puerto Rico (the Martians are played by the incredible heartthrob Marilyn Hanold as Princess Maruczan, and Lou Cutell as Dr. Nadir). The colonel is badly damaged after the crash (hence his Frankenstein moniker) when he stumbles across the Martians and their nefarious plot to kidnap Earth women and take them back to Mars to assist with the repopulation of their home world. A battle ensues, and eventually Mull the Martian monster confronts Colonel Saunders who saves Earth from the interstellar body snatchers.

Sputnik Supplies is proud to bring you these two wild creatures as vinyl toys! These excellent vinyl figures are a testament to the sculptor Jamie D. MacFarlane, an very talented artist. Jamie has captured the true essence of both of these fantastic characters. These cute and scary figures are a first for this movie and also a first for Sputnik Supplies. Mile High Sofubi, the only vinyl art toy caster in the USA, is producing the figures.  More to come from this joint venture!

Sold as a collector’s item; not a toy. For adults only.

Mull the Martian is $135.00 with free shipping*, and Colonel Saunders (aka “Frankenstein”) is $75.00 with free shipping.*

(* Free shipping is for single sell units only and is restricted to the continental United States. Outside of continental US contact us for correct shipping rates.*  

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